Taking photos in Singapore

Taking photos in Singapore

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Travel Diary Day 18
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Today was the first day of my new fitness regime. My goal is to not get any fatter – a modest aim, some would say.

I did 50 lengths in the pool. That sounds like quite an achievement. The pool is 5 metres long. I did 250 metres. However, to counter the boredom of doing 100 metres in one go. I had two swimming sessions; one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. In between I ate unhealthy food. But I also had some yoghurt.

I always thought travelling would be action packed when I was younger – not working on a computer all day. But now I try to pace myself. I’m 30 for crying out loud. I could die at any minute. Plus I’m working on various projects so I have to balance my work life with travelling and photography.

Today’s Photo – A couple taking pictures on the pier in Singapore

I’m still working through my photos from Singapore. I took over 1,000. I may use 10-15 in the end.

We walked past this couple as they were taking pictures of themselves on the boardwalk just as the sun was setting. It looked they were composing the shot quite nicely in my opinion.

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